Bad Debts Recovery

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Bad Debts Recovery

Bad debts recovery tends to be an intensive task. With over numbers of years of debt collection expertise, AccuMed facilitate the company set up an effective collection model for optimal returns on replacement, though staying focused on maintaining a positive provider-patient relationship.

Account Litigation & Non-Litigation Services

However the Collections methods implemented by AccuMed tend to be all that is required to bring an account to constancy but oftentimes an extra lever needs to be employed, we handle all sorts of account litigation and non-litigation services to set your defaulting patient accounts to an excellent persistency.

Alternate placement services

Keeping in view that patient conditions invariably change with time it is worthwhile to think of an additional option, if the accounts and the influence of regular collection methods are stuck somehow, re-placing accounts with a different company facilitate an encouraging lift up to your bottom-line. By wisely utilizing events monitoring, AccuMed swiftly identify accounts which are due for a fresh voice or treatment.

Skip tracing

Tracking down a patient is usually the biggest obstacle when starting collection activities, we possess an inclusive skip tracing and patient data verification expertise, whenever a letter is refused or returned, or contact number is fake or inaccessible, or our Patient Monetary Adviser senses a concern, it does not have to be a dead end. Instead, we consider procedural targeted skip tracing strategies to locate down patient.

Patient account credit reporting

Once you pick this additional service, AccuMed helps you to save money, and reports the defaulting patients to Federal Credit Bureaus without additional charges. Collection strategies are mostly handled in the latest environment, which requires a fixed amount of methods for any specific disappoint credit grantor or collection agency. Placing an entirely accurate and approved trade line on a patient’s credit record is undoubtedly an ideal next step, when conventional techniques of interaction have fallen short.

We are committed to providing professional, liable, and vigorous collection services across the health-care continuum. Through inventive and effectual account management, AccuMed is delighted to provide exemplary customer services for both small and large clients.

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